Kitchen Inn, Thornlie


I really wanted to go out after work, and P. wanted kolo mee. So Kitchen Inn it was!

I got a bit lost circling around Thornlie Square, because I didn’t quite know where to look. But we found it. Walking in, it felt like I was instantly transported back to a Kuching kopitiam (coffee shop) because of the layout and the types of tables they used. Made me miss home a little…

We started off with some drinks. I tried to resist drinking the whole thing before the food came. But it was really hard… It tasted so yum. Like home.

Teh C Special ($3.50)


P. and I decided to share two dishes. Because we were both going for kolo mee. And I hate ordering the same things as other people because I feel that it is a waste to only get to try one dish between two people. Haha. The kolo mee was ok. I suppose I missed the curliness that you normally get with kolo mee. And the vinegar chilli on the side. But I suppose I should be grateful that we have access to something that is remotely similar to the real deal!

Kolo Mee (L – $10)


The other thing we got was the fish soup zhou cai vermicelli. It’s a Foochow dish, and the veges are preserved using the by-product of fermented red rice wine. You don’t generally get them at the shops here… So I’m not too sure whether they replaced the veges or they preserved it themselves. The dish was a little too gingery for my liking and not quite sour enough. But that fish… So good!

Fish Zhou Cai Vermicelli Soup ($8.90)


Overall it was an enjoyable meal, reminiscent of my days in Kuching eating all this food… I would love to go back and try the rest of the stuff!


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