Silver Sushi, Willetton

I’m always unsure as to whether I spell ‘Willetton’ right.

Silver sushi is a little sushi place in the single storey row of shops outside Southlands, facing towards Burrendah Boulevard. It’s one of the first Japanese places I was taken to when I first moved to Perth. Don’t underestimate its humble layout because this place serves up some really yummy stuff. That said, I wish it was a tad cheaper than what it is now…

P., M. and I went to church in Willetton and I was racking my brain for some place closeby. You can’t get enough sushi so Silver sushi it was!

The kani cream korrokke is a nice entreé. Crispy outside, soft and creamy inside. P. thinks that there is some tinge of squid taste. But I think it’s just potato and corn inside.

Kani Cream Korrokke ($5.90)

The 3 of us decided to share 3 sushis and 1 entreé. Each one came with 8 pieces.

P. chose the Philly roll. It was smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado. A bit too heavy for me – the smoked salmon and cheese combo.


Philly urumaki ($14.90)

M. went with the spider roll. It was soft shell crab with this mayonnaise thingo inside, not to mention the little kick that P.’s tastebuds didn’t appreciate. Spicy not quite his thing…

Spider Urumaki ($16.50)

This was my choice, my all-time favourite. The crunchy roll! This is one off the specials menu. As far as I know, it’s been on that menu for 4 months already, and I hope it ain’t going anywhere! It’s chicken, avocado and mayonnaise sushi with crunch tempura bits over the top. I don’t know why but I love it!

Crunchy Roll ($15.90)

Overall, great food. Just a little more expensive than what I’d have liked.


Silver Sushi on Urbanspoon



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